Time To Go With Ted – Book Review

One of Sophy Henn’s ‘Ted’ board book series, Time to Go With Ted is a charming and funny board book for very young readers. With big flaps on every page and toddler-level humour, these delightful little books are a great way to start children on their reading adventures.

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How to Look After Your Dinosaur – Book Review

How to Look After Your Dinosaur is one of the few picture books about dinosaurs that we could find when we were looking for books with a BAME boy as the main character. Delightfully written and illustrated by award-wining artist, Jason Cockcroft, it takes a distinctly cuddly approach to portraying…

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My Sister is an Alien – Book Review

My Sister is an alien is that rare thing – a children’s picture book that manages to be irresistibly sweet without being cloying. The story is about a young boy called Alfie, who has a new baby sister that, in a Chinese-whispers case of child-ears picking up and misunderstanding pieces…

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Lizard From the Park – Book Review

Lizard from the Park is a whimsical New York-set picture book from author-illustrator Mark Pett. In classic picture book fashion, it takes an utterly absurd idea (finding a dinosaur egg in Central Park), and treats it with an almost complete seriousness that carries you along with the story. Charming and…

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Last Stop on Market Street – Book Review

Some books feel like instant classics the moment you open then. Last Stop on Market Street is one of these. Rich, vibrant colours and charming illustrations help tell the simple story of a boy on a bus ride with this grandmother. But, like all the best picture books, this simple…

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Over and Under the Pond – Book Review

Children's picture book Over and Under the Pond

Part of the current trend for beautifully illustrated and story-like “fact” books, Over and Under the Pond takes the reader on a journey through a world of wildlife hidden within the ecosystem of an American mountain pond. There’s much to enjoy in this visual feast, so read on to take…

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I’ll Take You to Mrs Cole! – Book Review

On the outside, this is one of those books that looks a little dated. But open it up, and we think I’ll Take You To Mrs Cole is one of the most beautifully illustrated and movingly written picture books we’ve ever read. Take a peek inside and see if you…

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Ravi’s Roar by Tom Percival – Book Review

Ravi turns into a tiger, and ROARS

Learning how to assert yourself without falling into a temper tantrum is a tricky skill for children to learn. Tom Percival tackles this dilemma perfectly in his sweet and fun latest book, Ravi’s Roar. Read on to take a peek inside and find out what we thought!

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The Prince of Pants – Book Review

The Prince of Pants

There is no denying the one piece of clothing everyone can laugh at. It’s pants, of course! So no wonder that there are so many children’s books glorying in these unmentionables. The Prince of Pants joins this proud group of pant-waving tomes with a bright and colourful story that’s bound…

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