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In the words of Ferris Bueller, life moves pretty fast. As the mother of two young children, I know this is often a massive understatement. There aren’t enough hours in the day to feed the family, hoover the house, hang out the washing, earn a living and fit in some life-affirming, creativity-building activities or experiences for our kids like the ones I see on Pinterest. I had a gazillion boards full of things I could/should/really want to do with my children, but hardly ever found time to prepare and organise any of them, let alone carry them out.

Then one day I realised that what I actually need is a way to cheat.  To get to do all these things, I need quick and easy, and I’ll settle for dirty (with young children, that’s usually a given anyway), but I still want it to be beautiful and fun.  So I made Rhubarb and Wren to be my cheat-sheet to Pinterest fulfilment, and a place where fellow time-poor parents can come to read up on quick, easy and fun things to do with our kids, all planned out and resourced, tried and tested and ready to go in a jiffy.  I’ll try and make it beautiful too.  If in doubt, just add (eco-friendly, biodegradable) glitter…

And maybe one day, I’ll be able to get to that hoovering.  OK, so maybe not the ironing… but the hoovering – that’s definitely on the cards.

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Rhubarb and Wren Goes Guest Posting…

I love doing a good guest post (contact me if you have a site and are looking for content) it’s nice to spread my wings beyond the Wren’s nest occasionally! And, just as here on Rhubarb and Wren, I take all my own photos to go with those articles too, as it’s important to me that the images are as original as the words.

So whether it’s here or there, if you’re reading a Rhubarb and Wren post, I hope you find something interesting, fun or inspiring to read and look at – maybe even something that is all three! ​

You can read one of the articles I’ve written for other sites on this great blog:

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One Hundred Toys is an online shop, blog and resource centre focused on providing play and toys (bought or made) for children that are designed to stimulate their curiosity and help their development.

Owner Alexis writes a brilliant blog, and I was delighted to be able to contribute a little article about the hows and whys of using real tools with preschool and primary aged kids.

You can read it – and a whole host of fascinating articles – right here:

Using Real Tools With Kids

Rhubarb and Wren Does Reviews…

In addition to guest posts, Rhubarb and Wren has worked with a number of brands on book and product reviews and articles – always for things that I would (or have!) happily spent my own money on too. You won’t see a bad review on Rhubarb and Wren because I’m all about recommending good things that we’ve found – but my reviews will always be honest, fair and balanced, and will endeavour to point out any downsides along with all the positives.

​I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to work with some great brands – check out the reviews page to see why I love ’em!

Have a book or product you think I might be interested in reviewing? Use the contact form to get in touch.

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