The Prince of Pants – Book Review

There is no denying the one piece of clothing everyone can laugh at. It’s pants, of course! So no wonder that there are so many children’s books glorying in these unmentionables.

The Prince of Pants joins this proud group of pant-waving tomes with a bright and colourful story that’s bound to cause a giggle.

Read on to take a peek inside!

The Prince of Pants by Alan MacDonald and Sarah McIntyre
The Prince of Pants by Alan MacDonald and Sarah McIntyre

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The Prince of Pants by Alan MacDonald and Sarah McIntyre

Prince Pip is a young (BAME, we’re pleased to see) prince waking up on his birthday morning. Like any self-respecting prince, he has a vast collection of underwear. His first task of the day, therefore, is to decide which ones to wear.

boy choosing pants to wear in The Prince of Pants
Tuxedo pants?! What every little prince needs…

The illustrator has had great fun with these – I love Prince Pip’s ragged pirate pants. However, for me, nothing can top those glorious frilly-shirted evening pants, complete with bow-tie.

But disaster has struck, and Prince Pip’s prized pants collection (try saying that ten times fast) is missing!

The Prince of Pants picture book
Spotting where the Prince’s pants have been hidden on each spread is one of the joys of this fun book.

Where are the pants?

With this mystery to solve, Prince Pip heads off through a castle that The Little Princess would feel very at home in. He asks everyone he meets if they have seen his pants. But no-one seems to be taking his predicament very seriously…

The Prince of Pants
Just when you thought the pages couldn’t possibly get any brighter…

My kids love spotting the ridiculous places Prince Pip’s pants have ended up. It’s often a race to see who can see (or remember) where the pants are, and they also love to guess what these pants might be called.

The Prince of Pants picture book
What’s a prince to do when he can’t find his pants?

But poor Prince Pip is having rather less fun. And despite the silliness of his problem, you can’t help but feel a little sympathy for him. It is his birthday, after all.

The Prince of Pants
A pant-tastic surprise party!

Alls well that ends well

But a book this colourful can’t end on a downer, and sure enough there is a happy end in sight. A surprise happy birthday, with all his pants (and some cheeky friends and family) all in attendance. And that’s not all, because the last page has a very special surprise for Pip… a new pair of glow-in-the-dark birthday pants! And yes, they really do glow.

The Prince of Pants
Glow in the dark ink makes this page really special.

The Prince of Pants is a fun and entertaining book, and my kids really enjoy it. The colours are hurt-your-eyes Day-Glo bright, and the illustrations are full of funny details that keep the kids amused even longer than the admittedly rather slight story. It’s a fun bedtime read, just remember to charge up that last page by holding it up to a light, before you start reading!

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