My Sister is an Alien – Book Review

Oops! You’ve caught me out. I had such a lot of reviews to do in one go for my 23 best diverse picture books posts, that I still have a couple to do – and this is one of them!

Check back shortly for the full review, but in the meantime you can still check out this sneak peak at some of the pages inside.

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My Sister is an Alien by Rachel Bright

Rachel Bright website:

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My Sister is an Alien seems to be currently out of print, however you can still get copies from Amazon here.

By the same author:

The Squirrels who Squabbled

by Rachel Bright and Jim Field

Picture Books with Diverse Characters

Have you seen my full list of the best 23 picture books with diverse characters? Just like My Sister is an Alien, all of these picture books feature black, Asian or minority ethnic (BAME) boys as main characters. Something that’s as rare as proverbial hen’s teeth in children’s books, and a problem I’ve written about here.

Check out the list to find out more about our favourites, and take a peek inside. If you like the look of this book, I’m sure you’ll find some others to love there too!

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My Sister is an Alien by Rachel Bright - Book Review
A charming tale of sibling love and a slight bit of a misunderstanding about where babies come from…

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