How to Look After Your Dinosaur – Book Review

How to Look After Your Dinosaur is one of the few picture books about dinosaurs that we could find when we were looking for books with a BAME boy as the main character.

Delightfully written and illustrated by award-wining artist, Jason Cockcroft, it takes a distinctly cuddly approach to portraying a T-Rex that is sure to appeal to younger readers.

How to Look After Your Dinosaur by Jason Cockcroft
A delightful handbook full of the essential do’s and don’ts of owing a pet dinosaur.

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How to Look After Your Dinosaur by Jason Cockcroft

Masquerading as an instruction manual for new dinosaur owners, the story starts on the half title page. A postman struggles with an enormous parcel that is, unmistakably, an egg. There’s a poster advertising some kind of egg sale, but, alas, exactly what is obscured by another poster.

Of course, the big ‘DINOSAUR’ stamped onto the parcel is a bit of a give-away, but my kids still love to speculate. And yes, they usually get it right!

Postman struggling with large egg parcel - illustration from How to Look After Your Dinosaur by Jason Cockcroft.
I think we can all guess what this is…

We meet the lucky new dino-owner on the title page proper. I love the detail of the drink absent-mindedly spilt drink and the slightly agape mouth. All this tells us quite clearly that this egg must be quite a lot bigger than the boy was expecting!

Giant egg-shaped parcel delivery for a boy who ordered a dinosaur. Illustration from Jason Cockcroft's picture book How to Look After Your Dinosaur
When all your dreams come true, but are just a little bit bigger than you were expecting!

And as the egg cracks, and the dinosaur emerges, the book begins with ‘Congratulations on your new pet!’ This is the start of a lovely contrast throughout the book between what the instructions are saying, and what the pictures are telling us.

Dinosaur having a messy breakfast in Jason Cockcroft's book How to Look After Your Dinosaur
This could be breakfast time in my house!

Whether it’s the chaos caused by a dinosaurs’ appetite (thankfully for bananas and toast, rather than little boy), or the challenge posed by a mountain of dino-poo, it’s hilariously clear that our instruction manual is understating the size of the task at every turn.

A mountain of dino poo in How To Look After Your Dinosaur by Jason Cockcroft
The joke we’ve all been waiting for…

Rare is the child who doesn’t find poo funny, and this is, it has to be said, the highlight of the book for my two! They point out every single time that the boy needs a wheelbarrow and spade to poo scoop this amount of manure, and there’s a lot of gross appreciation for the realistic cloud of flies buzzing around it.

Bathtime with a T-rex in How to Look After Your Dinosaur by Jason Cockcroft
As a parent, I feel bath time should never be this much fun

Friends for life

As the book progresses, it’s clear that the boy and his dino are becoming fast friends. The dinosaur chaos becomes more and more enjoyable, as told by the boy’s growing smile. By the time they flood the bathroom with bubbles, it’s obvious that the two have become inseparable.

Even the boy’s dog looks happy with the new arrival.

boy in bed with dinosaur in How to Look After Your Dinosaur by Jason Cockcroft.
Peace at last…

Parents everywhere will appreciate the skilful way that the fun and games of earlier pages is gradually wound down to a peaceful bedtime cuddle. A dinosaur seems to be the best type of pet (no offence to the dog!), and the other children in the book clearly agree.

On the very last page, the postman reappears. This time, he is carrying parcels for some excited children ready and waiting. And the poster in the background this time says ‘Dino Sale – Buy One, Get One Free’…

About the author

This is Jason Cockcroft’s first picture book as author and illustrator, but he’s no newcomer to Children’s books. As an illustrator, he has been nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal and he won the very first Blue Peter Book Award for A Pilgrim’s Progress. He also illustrated the original UK covers of the last three Harry Potter books. Including my absolute favourite cover for The Order of the Phoenix.

You can read about his experience illustrating Chris Packham’s non-fiction Amazing Animal series here. Or follow Jason Cockcroft’s instructions on adding colour and energy to a children’s picture book character here.

Buy the book

How to Look After Your Dinosaur is available from Amazon here, in both paperback and hardback formats.

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How to Look After Your Dinosaur by Jason Cockcroft
How to Look After Your Dinosaur by Jason Cockcroft.

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