A Home-Made Harry Potter Party Bag

DIY Harry Potter party bag
Make your own Hogwarts inspired goodies for Harry Potter party bag or trip to the Studio Tour.

G-Man didn’t want a birthday party this year, instead he wanted to visit the Making of Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio Tour, in Leavesdon, just outside London. So we took him and one friend along for a magical day out in January 2017.

As it was his birthday treat, and as we knew beforehand that everything there would be exorbitantly expensive, I put together a Harry Potter party bag for the boys to supplement their pocket money purchases in the tour’s shop.

There are tonnes of ideas for Potter gifts on the internet, and not only was it great fun to do (and a big hit with the kids) it also saved us a whole heap of pennies.​

If you’re planning a trip yourself, or are lucky enough to be hosting a full-on Potter Party at home, have a look at our DIY wizard treats for a little Hogwarts-style inspiration!

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The Invites

Hogwarts letter invitation with knight bus and Hogwarts Express tickets for DIY Harry Potter party bag
Surely every Potter-head child dreams of getting a letter from Hogwarts?

Yes, it’s a letter from Hogwarts just like the one Harry receives at the beginning of ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’. Not the most original idea, but the kids loved receiving these so why mess with a classic!

I did however take a few liberties with the text since our guys, at seven, are too young to officially start at Hogwarts… so their letters instead were to offer them a place at the “Hogwarts Open Day for Prospective Students”, which included, of course, a tour of the school and grounds.

Along with the letter were complementary travel tickets (Hogwarts Express to Watford Junction, then the Knightbus to the Studio/Hogwarts itself). Also in with their letters was an itinerary of the day, to give the other parents an idea on timings.

I put together the letters and contents using photoshop and various images and templates found online – see the links list for my sources!

Hogwarts letter DIY party invitation and Harry Potter party bag
Official Hogwarts Stationary!
close up of Hogwarts open day letter / party invitation for DIY Harry Potter party bag
Hogwarts open day tours!
DIY Hogwarts Express ticket and Knight Bus ticket for Harry Potter party
Travel tickets are essential!

Letter Links List:

Hogwarts School Scarves

Boys wearing Hogwart's school scarves from a DIY Harry Potter Party Bag, in Olivander's Wand Shop.
Wear Hogwarts scarves or full on costumes!

Since I’m a terrible knitter, I took the easy route and bought a couple of cheap Hogwarts-esque scarves from Amazon. After wrapping them in brown paper (thank you, Amazon packaging) and string, I stuck on a Madam Malkin’s Robes for All Occasions label, along with a ‘Hogwarts School Scarf – Gryffindor’ tag.

These weren’t actually in their Harry Potter party bag. The boys got these before we went and were absolutely thrilled – they wore them pretty much all day!

Having a summertime party / visit? Instead of scarves, you could go with school ties and badges instead…

Scarf Links List:

The Wands

DIY wand for a Harry Potter party bag
Just like Harry’s, home-made wands are one-of-a-kind!

Numero Uno on any Potter fan’s wishlist. Of course they had to have wands in their Harry Potter party bag, and as the wands at the tour were ridiculously expensive (£29 each!), I decided to try out the ubiquitous chopstick/glue gun tutorials that are all over Pinterest.

For once, it really was that easy, and the wands look (in my humble opinion) amazing! Since I already had a glue gun, chopsticks and paint, they were also effectively free. The boys LOVED their wands, and they were quick, easy and fun to make.

DIY magic wands – sticks vs chopsticks

Since this outing, I’ve made a few more of these wands using twigs instead of chopsticks, which I MUCH prefer. You can read my detailed tutorial for these wands here. The only thing I would add is that if you do decide to use chopsticks then for my kids – aged seven – normal sized chopsticks were just the right length.

I didn’t bother to get the longer chopsticks (used for cooking) that many of the instructions out there describe, so if you can’t get hold of these, don’t stress. In fact you don’t even need chopsticks at all – a sturdy twig from the garden works even better and gives you lovely, unique texture and shape to work with.

I didn’t make boxes (how much time do these people have?!), but found that the seven-year old boys were perfectly happy with their ‘Ollivanders’ tag. They did both get a kick out of the reverse side of the tag which told them the wood type, core material and length of their particular wand, so I recommend at least adding this detail.

You can find information about different wand woods on the Pottermore site here, and on the Harry Potter Wiki site here, while different wand cores are described on Pottermore here, and the Harry Potter wiki pages here.

DIY Ollivander Wand for a Harry Potter party bag
An Ollivanders label in lieu of box!
DIY Ollivander wand and label for Harry Potter party bag
Label your wand with wood and core!

Wands Links List

Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans…

DIY Bertie Botts Every Flavour Bean box of sweets for Harry Potter party bag
Print out your own Bertie Botts Beans box and fill with jelly beans.

Now I would happily have shelled out for the kids to get some Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans at the shop, but had a minor heart attack when I found out they (along with the chocolate frog) were £9 a box. £18 for the two boys to have jelly beans was a tad too much for me.

There are lots of places online where you can find the template for boxes – this one looked so good once printed, cut and folded, that the boys had no idea they weren’t ones from the shop. I got K-Dog to print it out on thin card using the office laser printer (ahem), which made a big difference.

The box is very easy to fold up, and once done, I just popped a clear cellophane bag full of Gourmet Jelly Beans (bought bargainously cheaply at TK Maxx) inside. I also mixed in a little pack of their Bean Boozled range, which have suitably disgusting flavours. This looked really fabulous as part of the Harry Potter party bag.

Close up of Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans sweet box for a DIY Harry Potter party bag
The essential Potter Party food!
DIY Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans sweet box - Bean Boozled flavour card
Add some Bean Boozled flavours for grossness!

Every Flavour Beans Links List

Leprechaun Gold and Edible Portkey Powder

Bertie Botts Beans and Leprechaun gold coins for a DIY Harry Potter party bag
Leprechaun Gold Coins and Edible Portkey Powder for yummy Potter treats.

A our trip was just after Christmas, I was able to pick up a load of chocolate gold coins from the supermarket at next to nothing (otherwise known as 18p a bag!!) for the Harry Potter party bag.

I was going to put a Gringotts Bank label on the bag, but then had a brainwave and called it Leprechaun Gold instead – because just like the gold the Irish team’s mascots throw around at the Quidditch World Cup in the Goblet of Fire, this gold was ‘guaranteed to disappear in no time at all!’

Just to make sure they were fully fuelled on sugar, I also included a little jam-jar in their Harry Potter party bag that I filled full of popping candy for each boy – sticking an ‘Edible Portkey Powder’ label on them with a tag that reads ‘Sprinkle on tongue… Fizz! You’re gone.’  I should have called it Floo powder instead, but I like to aliterate whenever possible!

In retrospect, a small vial might have been better, as it turns out those jars can hold an awful lot of sugary portkey powder…

chocolate gold coins in a 'Leprechaun gold' bag
Leprechaun chocolate gold coins
DIY Harry Potter party bag - popping candy in a jar with a label reading 'Portkey Powder'
Popping candy for Portkey (or Floo) Powder.

Leprechaun Gold/Portkey Powder Links List

Feather Quills

DIY Flourish and Blotts feather quill for a DIY Harry Potter party bag
Essential school supplies for any Hogwarts student – one feather quill

You can’t go to school without writing equipment, so I included a feather quill each too, in a homemade envelope.

I whipped up the quills in literally minutes, using the tried and tested technique of taking the middle out of a biro (this sort work best), chopping the end off to make it shorter, then cutting the tip off the feather and inserting it. A bit of black electrical tape and you’re done.

We used to make these as kids, and I was pleased to see my old skills hadn’t rusted up too much! These made a very quick and easy addition to the Harry Potter party bag, but the boys were suitably impressed!

Black feather quill with 'Raven' label for a DIY Harry Potter party bag
Raven’s feathers make perfect quills
Anti-cheating charm label on a black feather quill packet for a DIY Harry Potter party bag
Put an anti-cheating charm on your quill

Feather Quill Links List 

Flourish and Blotts raven feather quill for a DIY Harry Potter party bag
Flourish and Blotts raven feather quill, with anti-cheating charm of course

Weasleys Wizard Wheezes – Ron’s Special Super Slimy Slugs

DIY Weasley's Wizard Wheezes - Super Slimy Slugs for a Harry Potter party bag
I like to think that Fred and George would have spotted an opportunity when Ron started vomiting slugs…

G-Man’s favourite characters are Fred and George Weasley (no, he doesn’t know – we haven’t finished the books yet!), so I wanted to include something from Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes in their Harry Potter party bag.

They had lots of brilliantly packaged stuff (Decoy Detonators, Extendable Ears…) in the tour shop, but it started at around £15 so would have been too pricy to get them both something.

DIY Weasleys Wizard Wheezes - slimy slugs for a Harry Potter party bag
Magic slimy slugs, courtesy of Ron Weasley.
DIY Weasley's Wizard Wheezes box of slimy slugs for a Harry Potter party bag
Whatever you do, don’t eat slugs!

Instead, as there are lots of box templates on the web, I looked around for magic tricks or practical jokes I could repackage.

In the end, I went with these disgusting slimy slugs (I found a big box cheap in the sales) that reminded me of Ron’s backfired attempt to curse Malfoy, and just put together my own labels using some of the online Weasley branding.

The boxes were just random ones I found in our junk modelling supplies. These were one of the big hits of the Harry Potter party bag!

homemade Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes for a Harry Potter party bag
Ron Weasley’s special and super slimy slugs as packaged and sold by Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes – Hogwarts students (and teachers) beware!
DIY Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes for a Harry Potter party bag
Ron Weasley’s slugs – super slimy indeed.

Slugs Links List

DIY Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes for a Harry Potter party bag
Don’t bother hexing your enemies – leave a slug in their shoe instead!

Tour-Bought Extras

souvenirs from the Harry Potter Studio Tour, UK
Great souvenirs from the Harry Potter Studio Tour, UK

We did budget on spending some money on the tour – and the kids both brought along twenty pounds of their own savings for the shop.

Everything there is gorgeously presented and there’s plenty of choice – if everything hadn’t also been quite so expensive, I would have been tempted to spend much more! But here, for your reference, is a quick look at what we did buy…

Chocolate Frog box for a Harry Potter party bag
Chocolate Frogs with collectable cards!
Chocolate Frog for a Harry Potter party bag
These chocolate frogs are BIG!

G-Man’s face when he saw the chocolate frog was priceless (well, it cost £9). You get one ginormous frog (see size compared to the 10p!) inside the lovely box, along with a holographic collectable wizard card (we got Godric Gryffindor).

There are plenty of great templates for the box online if you want to make your own – though the actual box has gold foil, and the cards are holographic, not things you can do at home.

G’s friend chose to buy some Honeydukes milk bottle sweets instead, but the shop also had packets of jelly slugs (£4 – about the cheapest thing you could buy) and lots of other themed delectables. I was very nearly tempted by the peppermint toads and chocolate wands!

Souvenir Harry Potter Passport

Now this Harry Potter souvenir passport wasn’t a purchase – it was actually free!! Make sure you pick one of these up for the kids when you arrive (the guides were giving them out in the lobby, but I think the information desk also has them).

Free passport for kids from the Harry Potter studio tour, UK.
Kids can pick up a free passport at the Harry Potter studio tour.

As you go around the tour, you’ll find various stamping stations. As it’s an embossing stamp, it may be hard to see, but in the picture below is an example of one of the stamps.

This passport also has clues on the whereabouts of a number of golden snitches for the kids to find. It’s a lovely souvenir, and made my parsimonious heart warm a little more towards Warner Bros.

Inside pages from free kids passport from the Making of Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio Tour, UK
There’s hints to help find Golden Snitches hidden around the tour too.
Embossed stamp in the free kids Harry Potter Studio Tour passport.
Look for stamp stations throughout the tour!

Lunch options

As I’ve described in my tips for the tour, we decided to buy lunch in the cafe – we were lugging around all our coats so didn’t want more to carry (though there is a picnic area and you can eat your own food in the Backlot cafe).

I was pleasantly surprised that the cafe prices and food weren’t too bad, and the kids’ sandwich meals (around a fiver) came inside this truly awesome Knight Bus box.

Knight bus shaped children's lunch box from the Making of Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio Tour, UK
Getting your lunch in a Knight Bus box makes the Harry Potter Studio Tour UK seem even more special.

Butterbeer and Butterbeer Ice-cream

Along with the sandwich box, the boys also acquired these Butterbeer steins and sundae cups in the tour cafe. I personally would have skipped these, but they begged!

The Butterbeer (or cream soda and squirty UHT cream) was OK – though the grown-ups ended up having to finish it. The ice-cream was a tasty butterscotch flavour whippy-type that the boys loved. It did add some fun to the lunch, though the £6.95 a portion (for each beer or ice-cream) was harder to swallow.

If I could do over, I’d save a few quid per child by getting them ice-cream cones instead of the souvenir sundae cups, and just gotten them the steins.

souvenir Butterbeer stein and sundae dish from the Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour, UK
Get a souvenir stein or sundae dish when you buy Butterbeer.

Harry Potter – The Artifact Vault book

Lastly, I’ve included this book – The Harry Potter Artifact Vault – in the list because we gave this to G-Man as a birthday present at the beginning of the day. We took it with us to keep the kids occupied in any waiting around time. Later we saw that the same series of books were for sale in the tour shop.  

They’re fantastic books and we would have picked up another in the series (G-Man was after the Creatures one too), but they were five pounds more than we paid on Amazon…

I’ll leave it to you to decide if you think instant gratification is worth the extra money!

Harry Potter - the Artifact Vault book
A treasure-trove of information on artifacts from the world of Hogwarts and Harry Potter.

Presenting the party bag

So that’s it – their complete haul. Before the trip, they opened their Madam Malkin scarves, and G-Man got his book.

Other than that, everything else they got either at the tour cafe/shop or, in the case of the Harry Potter party bag stuff, when we got home.

It was a great way to round of the trip, since the boys had seen the bags (but not the contents) before we left, and had the anticipation of finding out what was inside to help carry them through the tiredness on the way back.

a homemade DIY Harry Potter party bag
DIY your own Harry Potter goodies for a trip to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour.

I would highly recommend visiting the Harry Potter Studio Tour, but only if your kids are old enough to enjoy a long day looking at exhibits (it’s not a theme park and there’s limited interactive or play opportunities), and have also seen at least the first two or three films.

I’ve put more suggestions and tips on my review of our visit, so do take a look if you’re planning to go.

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DIY Harry Potter party bag
Make your own Hogwarts inspired goodies for Harry Potter party bag or trip to the Studio Tour.

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