How To Make Ms. Marvel’s Marvellous Magic Bangle

Desperate to get your hands on your own version of Ms. Marvel’s bracelet for you or your pint-sized superhero? Well, like me, you are going to have to make it yourself. Because Disney don’t seem to have realised they’ve just released a new movie, or indeed that it’s the 21st…

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How to make a beautiful ribbon tree rainbow dell

Made by hanging up several different ribbon curtains or ribbon backdrops (whatever you want to call them), this beautiful rainbow dell is a simple but really successful activity at my Forest School sessions in the summer. And is just as popular with the parents as the kids! In fact, while…

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Tofu and Avocado Vegan Rissoles Recipe

vegan avocado and tofu rissoles on a cooling rack.

Tasty vegan picnic pastries the whole family will love These delicious vegan rissoles are proof positive that great food doesn’t need complicated recipes with hundreds of ingredients. Just flaky shortcrust pastry with a simple vegan filling, you can whip up a batch in minutes. Tofu and Avocado rissoles are sooooo…

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How to make a Lego Brick cake!

60th birthday candles in a pile of lego bricks

Everyone’s favourite toy turns 60 this year! Sunday, 28th January 2018, marks the 60th anniversary of the patent approval for the Lego brick that we know and love playing with today. To celebrate this great achievement (and because we need little excuse to party) we’ve made our own Lego brick. And…

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A Home-Made Harry Potter Party Bag

Bertie Botts Beans and Leprechaun gold coins for a DIY Harry Potter party bag

G-Man didn’t want a birthday party this year, instead he wanted to visit the Making of Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio Tour, in Leavesdon, just outside London. So we took him and one friend along for a magical day out in January 2017. As it was his birthday treat, and…

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