How to make a flapping bat mobile

This flapping bat mobile looks like it is flying as it flaps it’s wings over and over again with just one tug on its pull cord! Made from a few simple materials, and using pennies as weights, this is a great project for older children to make, but younger ones…

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The Ultimate Guide to Crabbing in the UK

So you want to know how to go crabbing? Going crabbing is one of my favourite things to do with the kids when we go to the coast. It’s lots of fun and gets the kids up close and personal with nature. And it’s also a kids’ seaside activity that…

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How to Make a Flapping Butterfly Peg Automata

These flapping butterfly peg automata are a breeze to make, and flap their wings just like the real thing! Using a little bit of paper engineering, card, sticky tape and pegs, you can make all sorts of fantastical beasties. We’ve gone for real-life butterflies, but you could just as easily…

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How to Make a Campfire Popcorn Cage

A campfire popcorn cage is great for showing kids exactly what is happening to popcorn as it cooks. And because they are cheap and easy to make, you can make enough for everyone to have one each. Cooking things on sticks has to be the most fun way of cooking…

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How to Make a Glow-worm Lantern

Glow-worms and fireflies have to be among the most magical creatures around. Living creatures that glow; is there anything stranger or more wonderful? When we discovered there is a native British (or rather, European) glow-worm, we were inspired to make a lantern version, that shines just like the real thing….

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How to make a real magnifying glass

A fabric-covered diy magnifying glass

Make your own magnifying glass A magnifying glass has to be one of the most useful, thought-provoking, and inspiring tools you can give to a child. This hand-made diy magnifying glass is both pretty and functional, and each one is also completely unique. And forget the kids, adults love these…

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How to Make a Giant Bubble Wand

Girl making giant bubbles using home-made bubble mix recipe and wands

A DIY ‘Tri-String’ Giant Bubble Wand Making a giant bubble wand is the easiest thing in the world, and all you really need are a few sticks and some string! These kid-made tri-string wands make the biggest bubbles I’ve ever seen – the kids won’t be able to resist playing…

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HABA ‘Master Building’ Wooden Marble Run

Reviewing the premium HABA wooden marble run We were very privileged to get the chance to review one of the best – and biggest – marble run sets around when the lovely people at HABA sent us their Master Building wooden marble run set, plus one of the many add-ons…

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Essential Toys – Marble Runs

Close-up view of HABA wooden marble run track

Why a marble run is such a marble-ous toy. A marble run is one of the toys I consider essential for children of any age, offering as it does a wide range of play and development opportunities whilst simultaneously giving a sensory experience too. But understanding why and how these…

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