Vintage Loveliness… Bucket Chair

Quick and Colourful Washi Tape Fix for Tatty Chair Legs

I lucked upon a lovely old bucket chair in my local vintage emporium recently, and have been in a quandary ever since as to what to do with it.

I was thinking of painting the original pink woven seat a funkier, brighter colour, but when I’d given it a good clean, it was in such good condition that it seemed a crime to cover up.  The legs, however, were a rather tatty silver that was knocked and peeling in places.  Recalling another recent project that I’d almost painted, I got out my washi tape instead.

vintage bucket chair with owl cushion
Our vintage bucket chair – so comfortable for night feeds, and so much fun for them once they’re bigger!

Yes, I could have painted the legs – and may still do so at some point.  But I wanted a fix for those legs now, with what I had to hand and do-able in the one hour freedom from the kids I had during nap time!

scissors and washi tape
Scissors and washi tape are the only tools you’ll need.
close up of vintage bucket chair legs
Half way through wrapping washi tape around those rather battered legs.

So, using a pair of scissors, I cut the washi tape into short strips and wrapped around the chair legs.

That’s it.  Fin.  Finito.

Washi tape, I love you.

Sometimes, with vintage stuff, I feel like less is more – mess around with them too much and they can loose that ineffable something that made you fall in love with them in the first place.A good clean and and a quick cover-up (in funky polka-dot purple) was all this chair really needed to shine again.

Washi tape legs on a vintage bucket chair.
Washi tape legs on a vintage bucket chair.

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