How To Make Ms. Marvel’s Marvellous Magic Bangle

Desperate to get your hands on your own version of Ms. Marvel’s bracelet for you or your pint-sized superhero? Well, like me, you are going to have to make it yourself. Because Disney don’t seem to have realised they’ve just released a new movie, or indeed that it’s the 21st…

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DIY Soot Sprites

soot sprite pompoms

Soot Sprites, or Susuwatari, are among our favourite Studio Ghibli characters. These little gremlins are little black balls with big eyes and (sometimes) long, thin limbs. Because of their simple shape and appearance, you can make a DIY Soot Sprite quickly and easily. All you need is to make a…

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Studio Ghibli Best Movies

(and which to watch first!) Want to know which are the best studio ghibli movies to start your family with? You’re in the right place! My family are all huge Studio Ghibli fans, and so we were really excited when the news broke that Studio Ghibli films are coming to…

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