Please Miss Postman…

T-Bird is currently unable to resist posting things at the moment, and so it seemed only fitting that I dug out G-Man’s old, handmade and now-slightly-tatty, play postbox for her to play with.

A simple pretend play postbox for kids
Make a postbox out of a cardboard box for lots of pretend play fun!

The perfect box for a pretend play postbox

When I orginally made this play postbox for G-Man, I happened to have the perfect shape and size box for the job, so most of the transformation was a simple paint job (red, of course!). I added black trim to the bottom, cut a flap for the letters and fixed on a little “collection times” notice frame.

Our postbox has embossed writing, just like the real thing!

Finally, I cut out and added on the words ‘Post Box’ and a ‘G’ (for G-Man) with a crown, painted the same red to make them look like the embossing on a real postbox.

toddler posting letters in pretend play postbox
Kids love to post things in our homemade postbox!
child posting letters in play postbox
Provide a range of envelopes, postcards and parcels for the kids to post in your homemade postbox

Children love posting!

Posting things is a very common schema/urge in young children, as is transporting, so our postal play session satisfied both needs – T-Bird could collect up our “letters” in her postman satchel, and then pop them through the slot in the play postbox. Simple stuff, but she took it very seriously and was kept engrossed for a good old while.

Vintage school satchel!
Simple pretend letters made out of a bit of card.
Letters go in here…

Both kids post all kind of things into our play postbox, but current and most post-y things are the simple letters I made (cut out of thick white card and decorated with vaguely stamp and address-like squiggles), and our supply of Bear yoyo postcards.  Those are absolutely perfect for this kind of play, and as the kind and lovely Bear folk have made PDFs of all of them available here to print out, now that promotion is over, our stock of these will never run out!

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