How to make a conker god’s eye

Making conker god’s eye is a great way to make use of the autumn conker bounty, and a really fun and easy craft. All you need are some conkers, sticks, and wool, and something pointy for making holes. Making conker god’s eye is a great way to make use of…

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Conker Creatures

One of our favourite autumn activities is making conker creatures. Like most families, we absolutely love collecting conkers (or horse chestnuts) in the autumn. There’s something so tactile about those smooth, shiny shells that’s just irresistible. A conker hunt means the thrill of finding a shiny conker hiding under crinkly leaves, or…

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Conker Comets! Autumn Fun for Kids

Conker comets on table - foremost made with blue tissue paper.

Have your kids conkers gone wrinkly? When autumn comes around my kids just can’t help collecting bucket loads of shiny horse chestnuts. However conkers start to lose some of their charm once the shrivels (as we like to call it) sets in. There are only so many games of conkers…

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How to Conquer Playing Conkers!

Conkers threaded onto striped bakers twine or butchers string

At this time of year, our local park is littered with conkers (otherwise known as horse chestnuts). At times they are literally (and rather painfully!) raining down on us. Who can resist prising open spiky cases for that thrill of discovering shiny brown nuts inside? My kids certainly can’t, and…

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