How to make a conker god’s eye

Making conker god’s eye is a great way to make use of the autumn conker bounty, and a really fun and easy craft. All you need are some conkers, sticks, and wool, and something pointy for making holes. Making conker god’s eye is a great way to make use of…

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How to make a twiggy dragonfly!

Make a dragonfly out of a stick for some simple twig crafting fun! This easy dragonfly craft is a great nature activity for kids of all ages. Using just some sticks, paint, and scraps of fabric, we made beautiful dragonflies and damselflies, and found out about these amazing creatures at…

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How to make a wooden needle from a stick

These little wooden needles are great for things like darning, knitting, nålbinding, tapestry or anything you would use a blunt needle for. I use them for weaving projects in my forest school classes, and as they are so easy to make, I often get the kids to make their own….

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Campfire Bread on a Stick Recipe

A Forest School activity you can do anywhere Cooking bread on a stick over a campfire is a great Forest School activity that’s suitable for almost any age. The recipe is both super-simple and versatile, catering for vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free diets, while also allowing lots of scope to adapt…

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How to Make a Glow-worm Lantern

Glow-worms and fireflies have to be among the most magical creatures around. Living creatures that glow; is there anything stranger or more wonderful? When we discovered there is a native British (or rather, European) glow-worm, we were inspired to make a lantern version, that shines just like the real thing….

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The Fascinating World of the British Glow worms

(or Lampyris noctiluca to their friends) Finding out there is a British glow-worm inspired the kids and me to make fabulous lantern versions of our own. But we also wanted to find out more about these fascinating insects. What we found out was so interesting, we had to share. Read…

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DIY Twig Letters

wrapping a twig letter in colourful wool

Whether you want them for ornaments or to use in a party banner, making DIY twig letters is a wonderfully easy craft to do. Here at Rhubarb and Wren, we’ve been making them for forest school parties, seasonal events, and even as individual letter ornaments to hang on the Christmas…

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How to Make a Magic Wand Out of a Stick!

Painted diy Harry Potter wand in rainbow colours

DIY Harry Potter wand There’s one thing that every Potterhead needs to make their life complete, and it’s not a door into JK Rowling’s head (though a window might be cool). It is, of course, their very own Harry Potter wand. You could buy one, but where’s the fun –…

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How to Make a Giant Bubble Wand

Girl making giant bubbles using home-made bubble mix recipe and wands

A DIY ‘Tri-String’ Giant Bubble Wand Making a giant bubble wand is the easiest thing in the world, and all you really need are a few sticks and some string! These kid-made tri-string wands make the biggest bubbles I’ve ever seen – the kids won’t be able to resist playing…

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How to make a magical twig ball lantern

Close up of DIY twig ball lantern with multi-colour LED lights

DIY twig Ball Lantern Whether you love fairytale multicolour twinkles or a soft, golden firefly glow, a twig ball lantern can add a really enchanting touch to a party, wedding, or festival. No party to decorate for? Hang them in a corner of your garden to add a touch of…

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