How to make beautiful air-dry clay leaf bowls

Find out how to make these simple yet beautify little air-dry clay leaf bowls with this quick tutorial. This is such a simple activity that I even do it with preschool and primary age children at my forest school sessions. And yet, while it is so easy to do, the…

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How to make a flapping bat mobile

This flapping bat mobile looks like it is flying as it flaps it’s wings over and over again with just one tug on its pull cord! Made from a few simple materials, and using pennies as weights, this is a great project for older children to make, but younger ones…

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Easy Apple Bird Feeder

This easy apple bird feeder is a great nature craft to do with children, especially in late autumn and into winter when the birds are struggling to find food. Stringing up a feeder or two is also a great way to bring birds into your garden if you want to…

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Campfire Bread on a Stick Recipe

A Forest School activity you can do anywhere Cooking bread on a stick over a campfire is a great Forest School activity that’s suitable for almost any age. The recipe is both super-simple and versatile, catering for vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free diets, while also allowing lots of scope to adapt…

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Pumpkin Hammering

pumpkin hammering

Pumpkin hammering – or rather, hammering golf tees into pumpkins – is a fabulously easy and fun activity that children love. It is perfect for the autumn season, and, come Halloween, it’s a favourite activity at my forest school sessions. And don’t let the simplicity of the activity fool you….

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How to make pumpkin animals

Last Halloween I had the challenge of putting together a pumpkin trail for small children. This meant carving pumpkins that were friendly rather than frightening, and more gorgeous than gruesome. And so what could be more perfect for little ones than a Pumpkin Animals trail? Want some inspiration and ideas…

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DIY Twig Letters

wrapping a twig letter in colourful wool

Whether you want them for ornaments or to use in a party banner, making DIY twig letters is a wonderfully easy craft to do. Here at Rhubarb and Wren, we’ve been making them for forest school parties, seasonal events, and even as individual letter ornaments to hang on the Christmas…

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Best Ever Giant Bubble Mix Recipe

Giant bubbles made with diy bubble mix recipe and wands

Home-made Bubble Mix Recipe for Long-Lasting, Super-Strong Bubbles Our home-made giant bubble mix recipe comes in two flavours – quick and easy for bubbles ‘now, now, now!’, or (with just a few extra ingredients) frankly brilliant for the biggest, strongest, longest-lasting bubbles you’ve ever seen! Together with our diy giant…

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