How to Make a Magic Wand Out of a Stick!

DIY Harry Potter wand

There’s one thing that every Potterhead needs to make their life complete, and it’s not a door into JK Rowling’s head (though a window might be cool). It is, of course, their very own Harry Potter wand. You could buy one, but where’s the fun – or indeed the magic – in that? So go outside and find a stick instead, and let’s get magic wand making!

Home-made diy Harry Potter wand made from sticks
Got sticks? Make wands!

A magic wand of your very own

It is ridiculously easy and lots of fun to make your own DIY magic wand. Don’t believe me? Look how many I whipped up for a Harry Potter party. These home-made magic wands were a hit with all the kids and are so much better as a party favour than any generic plastic party bag tat.

I made a similar DIY Harry Potter wand for G-Man and friend on his birthday trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour near Watford (you can read about that here).

DIY wand for a Harry Potter party bag
Just like Harry’s, home-made wands are one-of-a-kind!

However, while those two wands were made with chopsticks, these beauties were all made with twigs cut from the cobnut tree in our garden.

I am all about making things from sticks lately, but that’s OK when the things are this good.

DIY Harry Potter wand made from sticks and glue
Home-made wands – in any colour as long as it’s rainbow!

As for the DIY magic wands, I think I love them even more than the chopstick Harry Potter wand, as by using sticks there were no square edges to conceal, and the overall shape and texture is much more organic.

With all the bumps and lumps, each stick wand is as unique as the stick it was made from, so I feel like Ollivander would approve.

Also, they were easy-peasy, and cheaper than chips yet got me many parenting kudos.

Brightly coloured home-made Harry Potter wands
Pick a wand, any wand…

Equipment and Materials Needed

You don’t need much in order to make a DIY magic wand, and you can easily improvise around the list if you don’t have exactly the things that I used. Any links below are Amazon affiliate links.

• Twigs

As you can see, I used twigs of all shapes, sizes and thickness. The really thin ones were an experiment that I wasn’t expecting to work, but surprisingly these were the ones the kids loved the most!

You’ll probably want your twig to be around 30-35cm long, but magic wands officially come in all shapes and sizes, so anything goes. Some of my twigs weren’t even straight, but again they seemed to be the ones that appealed the most.

Sticks for making a harry potter wand - diy magic wand.
A big pile of sticks and you’re half-way to a wand…

I have also used chopsticks to make these DIY magic wands, and you could use doweling rods too, but I do think you get a better result from the humble twig.

• A Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Because you can’t have one without the other. Hot glue is what you’ll use to make the stick into a DIY magic wand.

You could use other material, such as modelling clay or string/beads dipped in PVA glue, but I think hot glue is the quickest, easiest and most durable way to sculpt your Harry Potter magic wand’s features.

• Paint

I used artist acrylic paint previously, but for these wands just used some of the kids’ poster paints. That worked just as well so there’s no need to go and get any special type of paint for this project.

Rainbow shades of paint for decorating a DIY magic wand
Paint your wand any colour you like – your wand, your rules!

Varnish (optional)

I happened to have some spray (gloss) varnish, so I used this on my home-made magic wands for extra durability.

Without some kind of sealant you’ll find that some areas of paint on the glue will wear off, but it’s definitely not essential to use.

Beads (optional)

You can stick on beads for added texture or shapes. Dried pasta works just as well – in fact, since you’ll be painting these shapes it really doesn’t matter what you use, as long as paint will stick to it.

Or, you can skip this. I used beads the first time around but missed them out this time. I really couldn’t see much difference!

DIY magic wand instructions

1. If your stick is already the perfect shape, you can just skip this step! Otherwise, with a small, sharp, knife or a vegetable peeler, taper one end of your stick down to a rounded tip.

This will be the pointy end (excuse the pun) of your DIY magic wand, while the other end will be the handle.

How to make a Harry Potter wand out of a stick
Make the pointy end more pointy…

It makes things easier if you use the thickest end for the handle, but you may want to shape it a little too, to round the end again and get rid of any inconvenient sticky out bits that might make your DIY harry potter wand uncomfortable to hold.

Making a Harry Potter wand from a stick
Round off and smooth the handle slightly.
DIY Harry Potter wand from sticks and hot glue
Tip tapered and handle rounded.

2. Using your hot glue gun, dribble glue over your magic wand. Experiment with patterns and shapes or just randomly blob away!

DIY Harry Potter wand - magic wand made from sticks
Hot glue can be drizzled onto your sticks to make handles and embellishments.

If your stick wand doesn’t have a natural handle, you may want to create one with a thick layer of glue all over the appropriate end. As you can see on my magic wands, I experimented with different patterns on the handles too.

DIY Harry Potter wand made from sticks and glue
Experiment with different patterns.
DIY magic wands made from twigs and glue - home-made Harry Potter wand
You can add beads to the tips of your wands too.

3. If you are using beads or any other material to give texture/shape, stick them on at this stage.

Painting your DIY Harry Potter wand

1. Once the glue is hard and cool, apply a base coat of paint. You can either try to match the natural colour of the wood or choose something completely different.

If you do match the wood, you might want to keep most of your paint on the glue so that the natural texture and colour of the bark remains on show.

Painted diy Harry Potter wand in rainbow colours
Paint your DIY Harry Potter wand any colour you like!

2. Optional – when your base coat is dry, use a complementary colour (a darker or lighter shade of your original colour works well) and brush/dab on very lightly, concentrating on the raised areas.

Make sure you use a dry brush and remove most of the paint before beginning by wiping your brush onto scrap paper.

You don’t need much – just a touch of paint to highlight or add shade – so don’t cover up your base coat completely.

Adding highlights to a diy Harry Potter wand
Just a touch of light and shade is all you need to add.

3. Optional – once this second coat is dry, use a third and final colour or a metallic accent and repeat the dry brush process.

Adding metallic highlights to a diy Harry Potter wand
Bling up your wand with a touch of metallic paint.

4. When all the paint is dry, you can finish your DIY magic wand by using some varnish to seal and protect your paint layers. Again, this is completely optional but will help your home-made Harry Potter wand last a little longer.

And that’s it! Now open up your copy of The Standard Book of Spells (grade one), and begin making magic. All together now, “Wingardium Leviosa…”

Home-made Harry Potter wands
Who needs Ollivanders when there are twigs and glue to be had?

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Home-made DIY Harry Potter wands
Make your own Harry Potter-style wand with our tutorial – all you need are twigs, glue and paint!


  1. These are amazing! I’m not particularly crafty, but these look really simple to do. My girls are currently obsessed with finding sticks, so I think they would be delighted with their very own wand x

    • They are so simple! If you do give it a go, I’m sure your girls will love them 🙂

    • can you make them with elmers glue instead of hot glue

      • I think Elmer’s is a brand of white PVA glue? That won’t harden quickly enough for this project as in my experience big drips can take a while to set. So it really does need to be hot glue, which you can shape whilst still warm and yet sets hard within minutes. The only alternative I can think of is modelling clay – but I suspect that would make a wand that was more fragile/easily damaged. Let me know if you try either, though, as I’d love to know if either option does work.

  2. Aww these are cool. My middle guy is a Potter fan ,me not so much but these seem easy enough to do . I am sure he would enjoy making a wand for his brothers too !

  3. This looks totally amazing and a very easy to do. My daughter has only just seen all of the Harry Potter movies, so this is something she will enjoy doing.

    John M

  4. These look such good quality! Kids would love to make these and get all spellbound x

  5. Love how you’ve used real twigs. We made HP wands for Hallowe’en, in the same way (glue gun + paint) but we used wooden chopsticks.

    • I’ve tried chopsticks too, and have to say I do much prefer twigs… they usually have a great shape already, so each one is that much more unique. Also, twigs are free! 😉

  6. These are bloody brilliant! My eldest is Harry Potter mad. We bought him a wand, I never thought of making our own. I love all of the colours that you have created 🙂

  7. That is amazing! I love this project! I might make a Harry Potter wand for myself:)

  8. Your posts fascinate and make me envious in equal amounts! Wow! You made wands out of those sticks? You are seriously talented!

    • Aw, you’re very kind! This is a craft idea that’s been around a while – I wish I could credit the person who came up with it, but it’s everywhere now so I haven’t been able to pinpoint who did it first. It’s such a great idea that I couldn’t resist posting it too – and honestly, I’m completely inept… If I can do this, so can you!

  9. Oh you are so clever! These wands are just stunning. What a treat to make your own wand. Kaz

  10. Can I ask how long they took to make? I was thinking this would be a great craft to do at a birthday party!

    • Hi Toni, I missed your comment so that birthday has probably been and gone by now! But in case you’re still thinking about this, the wands are really quick to make as the glue dries almost instantly. What you end up waiting for is the paint to dry.

      However, if you have a lot of kids doing this together, they would all need the glue guns at the same time. You might be able to get away with sharing one glue gun between two kids though. Alternatively, especially if they’re very little, maybe do the glue bit pre-party, and let them paint (and maybe glue on additional decorations) as the party craft. It would be a great Halloween party activity too!

      Did you try it? I’d love to know how it went if so!

  11. so i want to make one for my STEM activaty for school. p.s i am in 3 grade

  12. Your wands are superb!!! I made some over the weekend with my grandson, but yours are far superior and more age-appropriate for a six year old. I will definitely use your method when we make more. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas!

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