How to Make Willy Wonka’s Hat…

I’ve been making a few odds and ends with the kids over the holidays in preparation for this September’s Scarecrow Festival (yes, I know it’s still only August!). Last year I managed to rope in friends on my street to do Alice in Wonderland scarecrows. This time our scarecrows will be…

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Make Toy-Food Mushrooms Out of Stuff You Already Have!

make play food sliced mushrooms out of wine corks

I’m always making DIY play food for our kids as they love cooking up meals in their play kitchen, and one of their greatest pleasures is mixing up the ingredients.  We’ve had great fun stocking their kitchen with all sorts of little bits and pieces that can be stirred in…

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The Free-Han-Solo Game

The Free-Han-Solo game is a must for any serious Star Wars Party, so we had to include it in ours. A dozen or so Star Wars figures were duly frozen in carbonite for our intrepid freedom-fighters to thaw out. Game on!

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Hoop Tree – All Washi-d Up!

Revamping a  DIY Sorting and Counting Toy As T-Bird is getting older and has now thoroughly mastered the challenges of our DIY baby toy, the Hoop Tree, I wanted to spice things up a bit by injecting some colour and adding a colour matching/sorting game element. I considered painting the hoops…

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Vintage Loveliness… Bucket Chair

Quick and Colourful Washi Tape Fix for Tatty Chair Legs I lucked upon a lovely old bucket chair in my local vintage emporium recently, and have been in a quandary ever since as to what to do with it. I was thinking of painting the original pink woven seat a…

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Play Simple… Hoop Tree

Baby putting wooden rings onto mug tree - making a 'hoop tree'

Instant Homemade Toy for Toddlers and Babies Who needs expensive mass-produced products when you can have a home-made hoop tree? Don’t get me wrong, toys are great. We love toys in my house and I’ll freely admit we spend far too much time and money buying far too many toys…

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