Hörbert MP3 Player for Kids – Review

Horbert MP3 player.

Horbert is a wooden mp3 player designed specifically for kids. It’s a wonderful mix of thoughtful, intelligent design, a sustainable, green ethos and fabulous looks. The Keanu Reeves of MP3 players, we’re such big fans, we have two of them! Horbert doesn’t come cheap, so read on to find out…

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Ravi’s Roar by Tom Percival – Book Review

Ravi turns into a tiger, and ROARS

Learning how to assert yourself without falling into a temper tantrum is a tricky skill for children to learn. Tom Percival tackles this dilemma perfectly in his sweet and fun latest book, Ravi’s Roar. Read on to take a peek inside and find out what we thought!

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The Prince of Pants – Book Review

The Prince of Pants

There is no denying the one piece of clothing everyone can laugh at. It’s pants, of course! So no wonder that there are so many children’s books glorying in these unmentionables. The Prince of Pants joins this proud group of pant-waving tomes with a bright and colourful story that’s bound…

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My Mum is a Supermum – Book Review

In my search for picture books with diverse characters, I struggled to find a superhero-themed picture book that featured a BAME boy in the staring role. Then I came across this witty gem from Angela McAllister and Alex T. Smith. It DOES feature a black boy as the main character,…

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What Do You Do if Your House is a Zoo? Book Review

One of our favourite diverse picture books, What do You Do if Your House is a Zoo? is a charming and funny story by John Kelly and Steph Laberis. Exuberantly told by the BAME boy main character, this is a picture book full of crazy animal characters and increasingly harassed…

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The Extraordinary Gardener – Book Review

Children's Picture book 'The Extraordinary Gardener' by Sam Boughton

There’s something magical about growing things with children, and that’s the idea at the heart of this book. A whimsical tale of an inner city boy who transforms his urban landscape with plants, The Extraordinary Gardner is also a story about reaching out to the people around you, sharing ideas…

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