DIY Conker Eyeballs!

Easy autumn craft making DIY Halloween eyeballs from conkers.

Quick and easy autumn craft that’s perfect for Halloween. These DIY conker eyeballs are a great way to use up those slowly-wrinkling conkers that the kids collect in the autumn. A simple and fun autumn craft, it’s easy enough for preschoolers to do and gruesomely creative enough for big kids…

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Paper Fireworks – Hand Kites

Paper fireworks craft for kids - making hand kites

A Bonfire Night fireworks craft for kids! Guy Fawkes Night is, without a doubt, my favourite night of the year. So, come autumn, I build up the anticipation for the kids by doing a fireworks craft or two. These ‘paper fireworks’ hand kites are one of our absolute favourite things…

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The best chilli recipe ever

A family friendly homemade chilli recipe that kids will love! This delicious and easy one pot chilli recipe is so tasty that I guarantee it’ll become a family favourite dinner in no time. Whether you are making it for kids or a grown-up gathering; for full-on carnivores, or for vegetarians…

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How to plan the best kids treasure hunt ever!

A kids treasure hunt is a great activity for mixed age groups, as even little ones can get involved. But if you’ve ever been on a hunt where a few bolder and quicker kids scoop up all the loot, leaving the rest trailing behind in tears, then you’ll know that…

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How to make air dry clay pendants

Homemade bee necklaces for a kids treasure hunt! These adorable bee air dry clay pendants were really easy to create and make sweet little bee necklaces. However, instead of wearing them, we turned them into treasure for a buzzy bee hunt that keep the kids busy over the holidays, and…

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How to Make a Bug-tastic Nature Explorer Bag

A nature explorer bag for kids - DIY sewing project

Have you noticed how a walk with the kids is never ‘just’ a walk? To aid my kids on their outdoor adventures, I’ve made them a super-simple nature explorer bag each. Big enough for their supplies, but slouchy and soft enough not to get in the way of their play….

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How to make a (cardboard) real magnifying glass!

A cardboard, home-made magnifying glass

Make your own real magnifying glass (the cardboard version) Whether they’re exploring the world around them or role-playing as adventurers or spies, kids love playing with a real magnifying glass. This cardboard, handmade, magnifying glass is just perfect for them to use, and they can decorate it themselves too. Read…

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How to make a real magnifying glass

A fabric-covered diy magnifying glass

Make your own magnifying glass A magnifying glass has to be one of the most useful, thought-provoking, and inspiring tools you can give to a child. This hand-made diy magnifying glass is both pretty and functional, and each one is also completely unique. And forget the kids, adults love these…

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How to make custom DIY scratch art cards

Looking down on child using diy scratch art

The perfect DIY scratch art card This home-made DIY scratch art card project is perfect for keeping the kids entertained over the summer. You (and they) can make these scratch art cards out of ordinary arts and crafts supplies, and they’re really easy to make. Even my pre-schooler has done…

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